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How do you turn videos into paying customers?

How can you use the same content everywhere without producing duplicate content problems?

How can you turn 5 minutes of video content into a page 1 ranking without guest posting or SEO?

If you google for the terms MQL5 (programming language for automated trading) and TUTORIAL (common search term for courses and step-by-step guides) you will find my website MQL5TUTORIAL with either the extension DE or COM within the first 10 search results on the very first page in Google.

I don't do guest posting and I don't do search engine optimization, but I distribute my 5-10 minute videos on the digital real estate owned by companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and YouTube.

This course will teach you a way that will make big companies with hundreds or thousands of visitors promote your content for free on websites where you not even could buy paid advertising.

In about one hour from now you will know how to turn video content into paying customers by using your own, customized distribution system, so let's get yourself a cup of coffee and go to the next videoR30;

Content Distribution Turn your videos into paying customers

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