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My Data Usage Widget Pro - Monitor Mobile Cellular 7.2

My Data Usage Widget Pro - Monitor Mobile Cellular v7.2 | 2,6 MB
Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later | Jealbreak

Monitors cellular (3G/Edge/GPRS) and WiFi Real-Time Traffic Widget is coming! It can be placed in 'Today' of Notification Center. It can be custom UI.
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Compass Pro v1.6.1 Patched

Compass Pro v1.6.1 Patched | 3.4 MB
Always be informed about north, your heading (azimuth) and location.
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Storage Space v19.0.6 [Premium]

Storage Space v19.0.6 [Premium] | 2.1 MB
This app is for you if .. You are running out of memory storage space and want to clear up some space, The manufacturer says your phone has 16 GB or 32 GB but you want to know how much memory is actually available to you for your apps,music and stuff, You are an advanced user and want to know more details like memory storage partitions.
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Full Screen Caller ID Pro v3.4.8

Full Screen Caller ID Pro v3.4.8 | 10.3 MB
Do you think the photo of contact is too small when you get or make a phone call. You could try to use this app, this app will show full screen caller and high quality photo of contact when you get phone call, make a phone call, miss a phone call or get text message. It will help you quick to identify who is calling, who is sending to you a text message or who is you missing a phone call by using Full Screen Caller ID.
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Super AMOLED Wallpapers PRO v5.3

Super AMOLED Wallpapers PRO v5.3 | 3 MB
The AMOLED PRO Version do not contain any advertisements + 4K + New Wallpapers are first featured in the PRO Version + Super Fast loading + Lockscreen support + Dark mode.
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Shuttle+ Music Player v1.6.7 [Paid]

Shuttle+ Music Player v1.6.7 [Paid] | 5.2 MB
Shuttle Music Player is an intuitive, lightweight and powerful music player for Android.
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Cell Tower Locator v1.12 [Unlocked]

Cell Tower Locator v1.12 nlocked | 3.2 MB
See GSM/WCDMA/LTE Cell Towers on map. Towers are stored in Database. See Cell IDs and Signal Strength.
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ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.9 [Mod]

ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.9 [Mod] | 5.9 MB
Safe, Simple, Manage your files efficiently and easily with ES File Explorer (File Manager)! ES File Explorer (File Manager) is a full-featured file (Images, Music, Movies, Documents, app) manager for both local and networked use! With over 500 million users worldwide, ES File Explorer (File Manager) helps manage your android phone and files efficiently and effectively and share files without data cost.
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Office HD: TextMaker FULL v2016.767.0623 Patched

Office HD: TextMaker FULL v2016.767.0623 Patched | 20.4 MB
TextMaker HD is the only complete word processor for tablet computers – the full set of features for editing and formatting documents that you know from your desktop word processor is at your disposal. Finally, you can create and edit documents on your tablet computer like you do on your PC!
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LockMyPix Hide photos & videos v4.3.2

LockMyPix Hide photos & videos v4.3.2 | 3.1 MB
LockMyPix hides private photos & videos and protects against unauthorized access. Encrypt your pictures and videos with military-grade AES encryption. Stop getting spied - protect yourself. Hide images and videos with LockMyPix photo vault is the easiest way to gain full control of who sees what. Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family and coworkers - but your secrets are protected in your private photo vault. LockMyPix uses proven AES encryption used by government, military and banks worldwide. Use it now to protect your privacy.
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