Jr. Melvin E. Matthews, "Hostile Aliens, Hollywood and Today's News: 1950s Science Fiction Films and 9/11"
2007 | pages: 178 | ISBN: 087586497X | PDF | 16,5 mb
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It Strategy: Issues and Practices, Global Edition by James Mckeen
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1292080264 | 368 Pages | PDF | 6 MB
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Unbounded Weighted Composition Operators in L²-Spaces By Piotr Budzyński
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 189 Pages | ISBN : 3319740385 | 6.61 MB

This book establishes the foundations of the theory of bounded and unbounded weighted composition operators in L²-spaces. It develops the theory in full generality, meaning that the corresponding composition operators are not assumed to be well defined. A variety of seminormality properties of unbounded weighted composition operators are characterized.
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Handbook of Research on Emerging Business Models and Managerial Strategies in the Nonprofit Sector
IGI Global | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 1522525378 | 509 pages | PDF, EPUB | 8.34 + 16.56 MB
by Lindy Lou West (Author, Editor), Andrew Worthington (Editor)
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Japanese Whisky: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Desirable Spirit with Tasting Notes from Japan's Leading Whisky Blogger by Brian Ashcraft, Yuji Kawasaki
English | May 29th, 2018 | ISBN: 4805314095 | 152 Pages | EPUB | 207.87 MB

Japanese whisky has been around for less than a century-but is now winning all the major international awards. How did this happen and what are the secrets of the master distillers? This whisky book divulges these secrets for the first time.
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The View from Flyover Country: Dispatches from the Forgotten America by Sarah Kendzior
English | April 17th, 2018 | ISBN: 1250189993 | 237 Pages | EPUB | 1.93 MB

From the St. Louis-based journalist often credited with first predicting Donald Trump's presidential victory.
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Mindset Mathematics Visualizing and Investigating Big Ideas, Grade 5
Mindset Mathematics: Visualizing and Investigating Big Ideas, Grade 5
Jossey-Bass | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 111935871X | 304 pages | PDF | 164.13 MB
by Jo Boaler (Author), Jen Munson (Author), Cathy Williams (Author)

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Jean-Claude Verbrugge and Christian Schroeder, "Geotechnical Correlations for Soils and Rocks"
English | ISBN: 1786302799 | 2018 | 230 pages | PDF | 11 MB
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Mind to Matter The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality by Dawson Church
English | June 12th, 2018 | ISBN: 1401955231 | 360 Pages | EPUB | 57.19 MB

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Millenarianism and Peasant Politics in Vietnam

Millenarianism and Peasant Politics in Vietnam by Hue-Tam Ho Tai
English | 1983 | ISBN: 0674575555 | 240 Pages | PDF | 24.0 MB
An exceptionally perceptive and well-written account of millenarianism in south Vietnam. The work fills a gaping void in our understanding of the complexity of rural society in that region and of the strengths and weaknesses of the sectarian movement that posed the most important challenge to the communist revolutionaries in that area.

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